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A criminal lawyer supports defendants in matters ranging from misdemeanors to felonies. The United States is home to the finest judicial process in the world, ensuring that defendants are given every opportunity to secure their freedom. It is important to take advantage of these rights to the utmost degree. The only way to do this is by working with the exceptional criminal law team at The Law Office of Rudy J Rios in Elgin, IL. They have effectively defended thousands of clients and will continue to do so.

Criminal law includes:

● Misdemeanors—A misdemeanor is a minor crime. Misdemeanors do not result in lengthy jail sentences. A few common misdemeanors include petty theft, vandalism, trespassing, reckless driving, minor marijuana possession, disorderly conduct, minor assault, and more. Even though these are lesser crimes, it is important that clients defend their rights. Sentences can include steep fines, probation, a criminal record, and even short jail sentences.

● Felonies—A felony is a major crime. Everything from fraud to murder makes the list. Citizens charged with a felony must secure the highest caliber of legal representation available. Only an experienced criminal lawyer can put together a strong enough case to secure your freedom. A conviction will likely result in jail time, and it will severely hinder your chances for future employment. There is also a list of repercussions that come with a conviction, including disenfranchisement.

Putting together a solid defense takes a unique skill set. Not only does the criminal lawyer need to understand their client’s situation; they need to understand the prosecutor and the likely plan of attack.

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