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Family and divorce law is a unique area of practice. The matters being dealt with are highly personal, yet must be played out in the public forum of the courtroom. Only an experienced divorce lawyer can understand the nuances involved with the litigation process. Clients want someone with equal parts compassion and diligence. The Law Office of Rudy J Rios in Elgin, IL offers the perfect combination of both. There is no better divorce lawyer in the area.

Divorce law encompasses the following issues:

● Divorce—All legal marriages must legally separate through divorce proceedings. These do not have to be handled in a court. Many partners find amenable settlements outside of a jury trial. Everything including property, child custody, and alimony is on the table. In the era of no-fault divorce, a person need not prove that their spouse acted unfaithfully or maliciously in order to seek a separation. Simply searching for a fresh start is a good enough reason for divorce.

● Child Custody—In matters of divorce involving minor children, the issue of child custody must be settled. The court will ask many questions to assist in determining custody rights including who cares for the child, who financially supports the child, who does the child go to in times of trouble, who can provide the child with a more comfortable living situation, who does the child wish to live with, and more. Your divorce lawyer can ensure a comfortable arrangement.

● Additional Family Law Matters—In addition to divorce, family law may include alimony, child support, visitation rights, paternity testing, adoption law, domestic abuse, name changes, and more. All of these cases require attention to detail in order to secure the best future for the family.

A divorce lawyer can ensure that all rights are protected. You need an expert on your side when your family’s well being is on the line.

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