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A DUI is a serious offense. Not only is it costly in both time and money; you can lose your means of transportation through a license suspension. The Law Office of Rudy J Rios located in Elgin, IL has an exceptional track record for successfully securing lesser sentencing in DUI cases. The courts see thousands of DUI cases every year. It is important that you protect yourself from being just another face in line. Give due process a chance, and work with an exceptional DUI lawyer today!

DUI law involves:

● Reasonable Suspicion—In order for a person to be pulled over and charged with a DUI, the arresting officer must have reasonable suspicion. Reasonable suspicion can come from a variety of sources. Drivers involved in an accident may be subjected to field sobriety. Anyone passing through a checkpoint is eligible. Other sources include anonymous reports of hazardous driving from citizens, firsthand witnessing of erratic behavior, and violations like speeding.

● Field Sobriety—Once a reasonable suspicion has been established, the driver and vehicle are subject to investigation. A field sobriety test must be performed in order to determine if the driver is under the influence of alcohol. The legitimacy of these tests is widely disputed, but the common tests include horizontal gaze, walking a straight line, and a one-leg stand. A DUI lawyer will ensure that every procedure was performed properly before their client was charged.

● Repercussions—The repercussions vary from courtroom to courtroom and judge to judge. However, the likely results are a suspended license, steep fines, and possibly a short jail sentence. If a driver has had multiple DUIs, the charge could become a felony, in which case matters become even more serious. Punishments may be lessened if the driver has enrolled in court approved counseling for alcohol abuse. A DUI lawyer will always devise the best strategy.

Do not face a DUI alone! Ask the legal team at The Law Office of Rudy J Rios located in Elgin, IL how they can help.

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